Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wade picks Howard over James

Apologies for no link, but you need to pay to access New York Times articles online. This is an article in the sports section today.

Dwyane Wade would rather play with Dwight Howard than any other player: "If I could pick one player in the league today to play with, and most people think I'd say LeBron James, I would pick Dwight...People who say it couldn't happen, they don't know. I've learned in this league that anything is possible."

If Wade were to sign with the Magic, they should be given the 2011 championship and just play for 70 wins. However, this is merely a pipe dream.

The Magic payroll is $78 million next year, above the luxury tax. The only way they could sign Wade is by cutting significant salary (which is harder than it sounds with the NBA's trade restrictions) or if Wade signs for $2 million or less (never happening).

It's a nice thought, but at least Wade won't have much trouble looking for work elsewhere.

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